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Even though we had to cancel our 7. IBIT Fachtagung Veranstaltungssicherheit, it does´nt mean we´re not convinced that the planned content is still important and interesting. So we provided an opportunity at short notice to at least provide a part of the content online during our



This offer explicitly is no substitution for the Fachtagung – we are still confident that personal exchange is irreplaceable. That´s why we don´t call it conference, symposium or congress but a compilation of Good to Knows presented in 4 sessions with lectures, live and online talks.

Session 2 # learningfromothers (03.11.2020 – 14.00-17.00 Uhr)
Host: Ralf Zimme
We are not the only ones, who currently go in for the questions about the implementation of events and who think about, what will be important “afterwards”. Within this anglophone session we will throw a glance at international developments, new standards and interesting case studies.
Eric Stuart: The new ANSI+ES1.9-2020 Crowd Management Standard (Presentation)
Chris Kemp: “The constantly changing face of UK events: Working through uncertain times.” (Presentation)
Fireside chat: We cannot hide from the future, but ….: (open talk with participants
(Zimme – Kemp – Stuart – Funk))


Session 2: 49,- EUR (+ VAT)

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Session 2: #learningfromothers November 3rd 2020 14.00-17.00 Uhr (Germany, UTC+1)

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