#Fachtagungsnews Nr. 11

Zum Abschluss der Woche kommen wir zurück zu den Inhalten und stellen mit Eric Kant / Phase01 den nächsten Sprecher vor. Eric spricht über „Effective #Communication“ und vervollständigt damit den Themenschwerpunkt „Der Mensch in der Menge“ (13.11.2019 – 13:30 Uhr):

“In case you face an unexpected threat at your event and your visitors need to be brought quickly into safety, it is of great importance that those visitors do exactly what you want them to do. A fast evacuation can save more lives. However, in real emergencies, people tend to respond slower then we might expect, causing a delay before they actually start to move into a place of safety: the so called pre-evacuation time. When every second counts, it is crucial to minimize this delay. This can be achieved with effective communication. In my presentation I will discuss an evidence based model that enables you to improve your emergency notification and communication strategies in order to reduce pre-evacuation time.”

Zur Person schreibt er über sich selbst:
“I specialize in managing crowds in confined spaces and crowded places. I have been doing this for years as an event specialist at the Dutch National Police. Furthermore I own #Phase01, a consultancy in crowd safety management. I consulted on a large range of events: from mass Christmas markets to dance events and from small fairs to festivals. I specialise in emergency evacuation preparedness in general. And particular, in order to improve speed and survival in emergency evacuations, in influencing human behaviour in emergencies.
I hold a post graduate diploma in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis and I am in the final months of the MSc Crowd Science course at the Manchester Metropolitan University. I’m an active member of the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) and the U.S. Event Safety Alliance (ESA).
I’m very much looking forward to meet you all, to learn and share our knowledge at the Fachtagung Veranstaltungssicherheit in November.”


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